Do I have to put my face out there and be the face of my business? is a question that most business owners will ask themselves and one that I get asked as a marketing and ideas strategist regularly.

Being the face of your business allows you to build that…

Although this new year is likely to see businesses take less time off than we’ve seen previously, January tends to start quietly as news outlets give their staff a well-earned break.

For those putting together their media strategy that means right about now the media is actively seeking interesting stories…

Social media marketing seems easy, right? Post a few comments, whip up a blog, launch a quick Facebook page. But as with any good marketing it’s not just about being seen, but where, when and in what light.

Most importantly it’s about keeping people coming back for more real insights…

The new look Facebook is rolling out and with it comes some changes to Facebook Pages etc for business

Today we explored the New Look Facebook, what has changed, where to find things you might be missing and some things that could be confusing.

Facebook has:

  • 1.66 billion daily…

Blog writing is one of the most accessible tools that a business operator can use to reach an audience and have people engage with their brand.

The challenge however, lies in building the audience who you regularly engage with. In many cases this comes down to a little social media…

Linda Reed-Enever

Publicist and Marketing Consultant Linda Reed-Enever lives and breathes publicity with a passion for connecting; everything from people to ideas.

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